Frequently Asked Questions

What is To A Tea?

To A Tea is a simple and elegant website that allows anyone to create a custom blend of tea, order it, and have it show up on their doorstep a few days later.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is included in the price of the tea. Due to this, tea bound for international locations (outside of US and Canada) cost slightly more.

I'm in the UK. Can I get it shipped here?

Yes! Just select International as your province and choose your size from the International list.

How much of each ingredient I select is included in my tea?

We have a specific formula that takes into account the potency of each ingredient, along with how well they pair with the base tea (s) and the other ingredients. We can always adapt this if you leave us a note in the special instructions field.

What if I really like a blend I make? How can I be sure it will be the same the next time I order it?

Because we use a pre-determined formula, the tea will be very similar if you select the same add-ins.

What if I want something in my tea that's not in the form?

Let us know by sending us an email or including your request in the special instructions field.